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Red King Crab

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King Crab


King crab fishing takes place all year round.

Catch area

Fishing for red king crab is quota-regulated along the east coast of Finnmark, down towards the North Cape. West of the North Cape, there are no quotas, to prevent the crab from spreading further down the coast.

Nutrition information

Red king crab is particularly rich in:
– Protein
– Vitamin A, Riboflavin and B12
– Selenium
– Antioxidants
– Minerals: iron, selenium and iodine

Fun fact

The king crab is an introduced species in the Barents Sea and has been here for approx. 60 years. Russian scientists released the king crab in the Murmansk Fjord in the 1960s to establish a new fishing resource.

Live king crab

When a king crab arrives at one of our land-based facilities, it will be checked, weighed and placed in large vats of running fresh seawater.

The king crab must be treated well from the time it is pulled from the sea, on delivery, in reception, during sorting and when they are finally packed for live shipment.

Only the best crabs are approved for delivery as live crabs. The crab must not have a soft shell, have little meat filling or bleed on delivery.

We sort the crab according to these sizes when buying and selling:

Alive Norwegian Red Kingcrab 1.6-2.0 kg

Alive Norwegian Red Kingcrab 2.0-3.0 kg

Alive Norwegian Red Kingcrab 3.0-4.0 kg

Alive Norwegian Red Kingcrab 4 kg +

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Produced king crab (frozen)

We produce king crab of the best quality!

We produce cooked and raw frozen king crab throughout the year.

We are proud suppliers and guarantee good meat filling and consistency on our produced king crab. We are aware of variations and cycles and are strict during reception and this is reflected in the quality of the goods we send out to our customers.

We sort and sell raw and cooked crab according to these sizes:

Size Weight
L1 500-700 grams
L2 700-900 grams
L3 900-1100 grams
L4 1100-1300 grams
L5 1300-1500 grams
L6 1500-3500 grams
Mix size u/900 grams
Mix size o/900 grams

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Crab tails (frozen)

We produce crab tails.

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Sales inquiries

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