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Wild pacific salmon- Pink Wild Salamon

First-class wild-caught Pacific salmon from fjords in Finnmark
Wild pacific salmon

Fishing season for pacific salmon

Pacific salmon is caught from June – July, it has a two-year life cycle, and both males and females die after spawning.

Size & Weight

Wild-caught pacific salmon from 1.8 – 2.5 kg

Nutritional content

-vitamin B12

– selenium




– vitamin A

In addition, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iodine and antioxidants, proteins and fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D.

Our pacific salmon products

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The smoke
The salt

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Distribution and species

Pacific salmon are freshwater fish that often make long migrations in the sea (they are anadromous). Some species live their entire lives in fresh water. The genus includes a total of eleven species. In Norway, rainbow trout have been relatively common, primarily through releases in various waters and waterways. In recent times (2017 and 2019) humpback salmon have occurred in large numbers in Norwegian rivers. This is a result of large-scale release into rivers in Russia.

The unwanted species that tastes good and can satisfy many

The Pacific salmon has many names and is well known under the name “humpback salmon”. It has a two-year life cycle, and both males and females die after spawning. After hatching the following spring, the fry migrate relatively quickly into the sea. There, the humpback salmon spend the next year grazing on crustaceans and fish, and during its second summer it returns to fresh water to spawn and complete the cycle. Fish that spawn in odd-numbered years thus have offspring that also spawn in odd-numbered years, and thus do not spawn together with fish that spawn in even-numbered years. Here in Norway’s humpback salmon spawn primarily in August.

In Norway, the odd-numbered population is most numerous, but there is also a smaller even-numbered population.

Investigations as Nofima has done  the Humpback Salmon is an excellent food fish | Nofima ( shows that products from the Pacific salmon contain “less fat and redder color of the muscle” than similar products from farmed salmon.
Many people who have tried the Pacific salmon on the menu can tell you about a great food fish that is reminiscent of the trout in the fish meat.


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